Men's English Class

Jim Corner began doing mission work in the country of Ghana in 1988. After 16 trips to Ghana, Jerry Reynolds contacted him about the work in Cameroon. Jerry was one of the first American missionaries in Ghana and had been involved in that work since 1961. As one of the shepherds of the University Park Church of Christ in Hyattsville, Maryland, Jerry became intrigued through a member who was a native of Cameroon.

This brother urged Jerry to travel to Cameroon to look at the work. Jerry was impressed with the potential in this country. He realized, however, that he could not do the work justice since he was already heavily committed in other areas. Jerry contacted Jim and they made a short 5 day survey trip in February of 1996. It was then that Jim met Jean Claude Ethe and some of the church leaders. There was a tremendous amount of potential to further the work that had already been begun. Jim was not the first to enter Cameroon. Windle and Barbara Kee entered Cameroon in 1967 and began great work. His son Paul has lived in Cameroon for most of his adult life and has two leadership training schools (one for the English, one for the French). In addition, Kirk Castleman, Doyle Kee, Ken Tipps, Sam Shewmaker, Jim Reppart, Mark and Allison Carnes, John Hall, John Gaines and others have done work in the country.

Women's English ClassCurrently, the work in the northern part of Cameroon is increasing. The North is part of French speaking Cameroon. When you compare the English side of Cameroon with the French, there are a greater number of congregations on the English side. The work on the French side, however, is increasing. The Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas is supporting several men in the area around Garoua, which is in the North Province. They are all graduates of the school of preaching in Benin. The church of Christ in Benton, Kentucky oversees this school. These men have started four other congregations in addition to the ones in Ngong and Lagdo where they live. Bro. Jean Boido is supported by the church in Zurich and preaches for the church in the city of Maroua. He has also started churches in two other cities. In addition to this, there are 11 French students in the school of preaching that Paul Kee operates in the Northwest Province and Paul continues to do a fine job. Paul’s father Windle was the first American missionary in Cameroon and Paul continues to do a fine job. In July of 2001 there was a congregation established in the city of Bertoua, which is in the East Province. In 2021 a second congregation was established in Bertoua. This is also French speaking. Several years ago another congregation was established in Yokaduma which is also on the French side. In subsequent years works have been established in Mbalmayo, Ebolowa and Batouri. In the years to come, we hope to have many more congregations of the Lord’s people who are in the French part of Cameroon.

The first campaign that Jim Corner led to Cameroon happened in October of 1996, and for the nextPatience & Dennis several years he split his time between Ghana and Cameroon. In 1999. Jim began to devote his entire energy to the work in Cameroon.

The Buckingham Road Church of Christ and a few other churches of Christ have been involved supporting the work in Cameroon since Jim has begun making yearly trips to Cameroon. He has not only had their monetary support, but also members have traveled with him on campaigns to Cameroon. This mission has been an inspiration and has developed a true love for the Cameroonians in the hearts of those who support this work.