The Team
  • Cameroon has 270 Churches of Christ ranging from 5 members to 225 members.
  • Only approximately 10 preachers in Cameroon receive financial support from Americans.
  • Many congregations do not have an adequate supply of song books and some Christians do not have Bibles.
  • The membership is diverse in age with teens, elderly and all ages in between.
  • There are some who have been trained to be preachers but because of a lack of support, they have had to return to their farms or other occupations to feed their families.

The majority of the congregations in Cameroon are spiritually weak. When spiritual weakness is combined with the level of poverty that they have, it does not allow for preachers to be supported. This in turn prohibits growth and the spreading of the Gospel.The Team

The goal of this mission work is to further establish and  build up strong and self-sustaining congregations across the country through the efforts of Cameroonian and American campaigns, leadership training seminars and World Bible School. In addition to the establishment of new congregations, the plan also includes training and supporting native men to be preachers and evangelists. Over a period of time the congregations in Cameroon will move from being dependent on Americans to being self-supporting.

The ultimate goal of this ministry is to help develop strong congregations that are fully capable of supporting their own work. This is a goal that will not be realized quickly and your participation is of vital importance to achieve this goal.