IDP Team

From October 1996 through February 2015 thirty-three campaigns and seventeen Leadership Training Seminars have been conducted. This effort has resulted in over 5300 Bible studies and over 1900 baptisms, as well as training over 250 church leaders. These numbers are not supplied to bring any glory to the workers but rather to give all honor and glory to God and demonstrate that this is a fruitful work.

Two campaigns and one Leadership Training Seminar are conducted each year. The campaigns average a 37% conversion rate with around 155 Bible studies and 40 baptisms each campaign. Typically there will be more studies and baptisms on the English side but that is due to the fact that the church is larger on that side. Within the past years, missionary efforts have branched out into the French speaking town of Bertoua, Yokaduma, Ebolowa and Batouri. Currently there are over 130 congregations on the English side and approximately 40 congregations on the French side. New converts average a 30-50% retention rate as they are integrated into existing congregations. With the Lord's help, hopefully this mission work will further establish strong congregations throughout the French and English sides.

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